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Bounce House Reviews: Bounceland Bounce ‘N Splash Island Wet or Dry Bounce House

Enjoy a Lot of Fun Activities with the Bounceland Bounce ‘N Splash Island Wet or Dry Bounce House

The Bounceland Bounce ‘N Splash Island Wet or Dry Bounce House, equipped with long slide and safe obstacle arms, is one of the most enjoyable toys you can get for your children. You will bring them all the fun they can get while having them learn to improve their coordination and reflexes and get the healthy dose of daily exercise they need.

Bounceland Bounce N Splash Island

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Main Features of the Bounceland Bounce House

Commended by a lot of experts on the safety precautions included by the manufacturers, the Bounceland Bounce N Splash Island Dry or Wet Bounce House comes with all the colorful, fun-filled design features your children Strong Commerial Grade Mesh and Double Stitcheswould expect, while being perfectly suitable to be used for years before your little ones grows up.

  • When you look at the high grade vinyl material used to make this bouncer, it becomes clear that Bounceland made every effort to keep it as safe as possible.
  • The heavy-duty, puncture proof inflatable bounce house comes with a quadruple stitch construction in some areas to ensure the highest level of durability.
  • Also, the commercial grade net placed between the thick, durable pillars will make sure your children are kept safely inside the bounce house without the risk of falling off.
  • Bounce House, Blower, Carry Bag, Stakes, Repair KitAs for the numbers, they are all made quite clear by the manufacturer which can get you to avoid a great deal of confusion usually associated with these toys.
  • The weight limit is 100 lbs/child (the age limit is 3-10 years), and for safety reasons up to 4 children are allowed inside the house bouncer at any one time.
  • With the addition of a powerful 0.7HP UL blower, you’ll find no difficulty in setting up the Bounceland bounce house. The blower will have it inflated and ready to be secured in just a couple of minutes, and you can have your kids jumping around inside it in no time at all.
  • Additional accessories you will get with your purchase also include the basketball hoop, the blower (with a 25 foot extension cord), and a pack of ground stakes, a repair kit and a handy water hose with a nozzle.

Advantages of the Bounceland Dry or Wet Bounce House

Apart from the quality features it’s provided with, this inflatable bouncer also comes with quite a few added benefits that you need to consider before deciding on whether or not it’s suitable for your children’s needs:

  • The large water slide is probably the most loved feature that comes with this delightful bounce house. Its angle and length allow kids to get that little extra edge in terms of excitement before they have to get off, jump back into the house and slide down again.
  • The whole structure measures about 19×11 feet in size, and is 9’ tall and weighing a little over 60 lbs which brings it pretty close to what you get from a standard commercial bounce house.
  • The obstacle arms are a unique feature of the bounce house, making it easier for kids of all ages to improve their coordination and reaction time.
  • A tightly secured basketball hoop is also included to help your little ones get an early start in their sporting careers.
  • In terms of durability, this bounce house really delivers. Some parents who claim to have bought it a few years ago say that it’s still the same as if they’ve just bought it yesterday.
  • Finally, this bounce house with slide is provided with the standard, 90-day warranty that comes with all Bounceland products, so you can evaluate its performance at your convenience without having to worry about the money you’ve spent.

Drawbacks and Safety Issues

As with every large toy, you will find the Bounceland inflatable bounce house also has some disadvantages that need to be taken into account:

  • Some may say that the bounce house seems to be a little unstable due to the fact that it doesn’t get enough air. By securing it tightly, however, you’ll manage to avoid any safety concerns regarding this problem.
  • Another issue involves getting it into the included duffle bag, which can be quite a problem when you’re on vacation and you have to pack things up properly for the road.

A Long Day and a Pleasant Pastime

Shopping for a new bounce house with slide can be a fun thing to do if the person you’re trying to help isn’t too impatient. Unfortunately, that was my friend’s attitude as we were looking through what toys to buy for her granddaughter online.

Bounceland Bounce 'N Splash Island Wet or Dry Bounce HouseAfter what seemed like a very long afternoon, however, we stopped at the Bounceland bounce house, and based on reviews and specifications, we both agreed that it was the best choice. We were definitely not wrong.

As soon as it arrived, the inflatable bouncer stood out since it only took about 2-3 minutes to set it up. We had it inflated and safely secured in the backyard in a matter of minutes.

Now, the toy did look a bit on the flimsy side at first, but once the little girl and her friends started to jump around in it and play with the obstacle arms, it became clear that we had nothing to worry about in terms of stability or safety.

What I really loved about the Bounceland bounce house was its size and shape which made it seem like you could build a whole make believe world inside it and still have room to spare. The waterslide also made things interesting, and by the end of the day, everyone had a lot of fun playing and coordinating games.

Making the Most of a Fun Toy

A safe and exciting toy that kids will love to play with for hours on end, the Bounceland Bounce ‘N Splash Island Wet or Dry Bounce House is also ideal for parents who want to make perfectly sure that their children won’t injure themselves during play.

Also, its special waterslide and obstacle arms, as well as the roomy, colorful design of the house will keep kids from getting bored, while also teaching them basic coordination and allowing them to come up with fun and creative games to have fun with.

For parents who want their children to have a blast while learning new skills and exploring creative and exciting games, this Bounceland dry and wet bounce house is definitely worth looking into.

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